Top Rooster Goes Down: Inilog in Major Upset at Sabong Derby

Upsets are typical in the realm of cockfighting, but when a top rooster falls in a major derby, the entire sabong community is rocked. This is precisely what occurred at the most recent Sabong Derby, where the defending champion, Inilog, was unexpectedly defeated. Let’s examine the significance of this surprise upset for the future of cockfighting and delve into the exciting specifics.

The widespread and deeply ingrained custom of cockfighting, or “sabong” as it is known in the Philippines, has been a part of the culture for decades. Two roosters, who have frequently been nurtured and trained for months, compete in a match of skill, strength, and cunning. Around the world, people look forward to the Sabong Derby, which unites the best roosters and their devoted owners from all over the nation. It’s a display of heritage, pride, and intense rivalry.

The highlight of this year’s Sabong Derby was Inilog, the rooster that had been winning the circuit for the previous two years. Pedro Dominguez’s Inilog had a remarkable record of victories in a row and was regarded as invincible. But in an unexpected turn of events, Inilog encountered a significant setback that nobody anticipated.

The Upset: Inilog’s Fall from Grace
Inilog’s Reign

Inilog was a rising legend, not just any old rooster. Originating from champion ancestry, Inilog demonstrated exceptional combat abilities at an early age. His owner, Pedro Dominguez, did not cut any corners when it came to raising and training his finest cock. Inilog was a dangerous opponent in the cockpit because of his speed, agility, and remarkable ability to read his opponents.

For a period of two years, Inilog ruled supremely, vanquishing countless opponents in derbies and contests. Due to his unbeaten record, he was known as the best rooster in the nation, and Pedro Dominguez, his owner, was ecstatic with his accomplishments.

The Shocking Upset

Legends are born at the Sabong Derby, and occasionally they fall there as well. Supporters and admirers of Inilog had great expectations for him at this esteemed occasion. But something unexpected occurred. Victor Reyes’s Sultada, a deserving opponent, engaged Inilog in a bloody multi-round struggle. The crowd stayed glued to their seats throughout the match.

Sultada, the competition’s dark horse, shocked everyone with his persistence and willpower. Despite the fact that Inilog had a bad reputation, Sultada battled valiantly. With both roosters displaying indications of fatigue in the final round, Sultada struck Inilog with such force that he was unable to continue. With no other option, the referee had to announce Sultada the victor, ending Inilog’s two-year winning streak.

There was tangible astonishment in the arena. The proprietor of Inilog, Pedro Dominguez, was shocked by what had happened. Supporters of Inilog were taken aback, and Victor Reyes, the owner of Sultada, was overcome with emotion at his underdog rooster’s victory.

What Does This Upset Mean for Sabong?
A New Challenger Emerges

The sabong community receives a clear message from Inilog’s defeat: no rooster is unbeatable. This incident serves as a reminder that there are no guarantees in life or in cockfighting. It also draws attention to how exciting and unpredictable sabong is, which contributes to its lasting popularity.

However, Sultada’s triumph shows that there is always space for new winners to appear. Within the realm of sabong, the essence and vitality of the rooster in the cockpit hold greater significance than the owner’s reputation or lineage. Sultada, the underdog, had unwavering will and a strong sense of willpower, demonstrating that anyone can rise to the challenge.

A Lesson in Humility

The proprietor of Inilog, Pedro Dominguez, views this setback as a lesson in humility. It serves as a warning that not even the most renowned roosters are infallible. Even if he and Inilog’s followers are obviously devastated by the loss, it offers a chance for introspection and personal development. Pedro can learn from this setback, reorganize, and maybe even bounce back stronger in the next derby.

The Thrill of Sabong Continues

Even though Inilog’s passing was unexpected, sabong’s mystery and excitement have just increased. The enthusiasm, friendship, and love for these amazing birds are what make this sport so much more than just winning. Cockfighting’s unpredictable nature is what draws spectators and enthusiasts back for more. Future derbies will be anticipated as a result of Inilog’s defeat, which will go down as one of the most important events in Sabong history.


The recent upset at the Sabong Derby will undoubtedly be spoken about for years to come in the world of sabong, where tradition meets competition. In a fight that will go down in history, Sultada, the underdog, defeated the once-unbeatable champion, Inilog. This surprising change of events serves as a reminder that cockfighting is an exciting, unpredictable sport with countless opportunities.

Pedro Dominguez, the owner of Inilog, can learn a lot about humility from his pet’s downfall, and it also shows that there is always room for new champions to emerge. Fans excitedly anticipate the next chapter in this ancient institution, as each derby delivers new surprises and amazing experiences, while the joy of sabong persists. The sabong community remembers Inilog as one of the best roosters that have ever graced the cockpit in addition to celebrating Sultada’s win.