Cockfighting Community Reacts to Inilog Controversy

The latest Sabong Derby saw the once-unbeatable champion, Inilog, suffer a stunning setback that sent shockwaves through the cockfighting community. The cockfighting world as a whole has been rocked by this unexpected defeat, igniting discussions, arguments, and a storm of emotions.

The centuries-old sport of cockfighting, referred to as “sabong” in the Philippines, is ingrained in the national culture. Enthusiastic enthusiasts and devoted rooster owners gather to witness their cherished birds engage in combat in the cockpit, creating a show of strength, strategy, and tradition. Inilog was a legendary rooster in this world, having gone two years without losing. But the recent scandal at the Sabong Derby has shocked everyone in the neighborhood and sparked strong feelings.
The Controversial Upset
Inilog’s Dominance and Reputation

Inilog was more than just a cockfighting rooster; he represented excellence and dominance in the sport. Inilog was a cock with exceptional fighting prowess, agility, and a keen sense of opponent reading, having come from a line of champions. Belonged to Pedro Dominguez, who had amassed an extraordinary winning run spanning two years, defeating opponents one after the other. This reign had cemented Inilog’s place as the nation’s best rooster and the pride and happiness of his owner.

The Shocking Upset

One of the most prominent cockfighting events, the Sabong Derby, is where legends are born and occasionally fall. Faced against Sultada, owned by Victor Reyes, Inilog faced a dangerous opponent with a large fan following and high expectations. What happened next was an absolutely amazing show.

As the competition’s underdog, Sultada stunned the audience with his tenacity and spirit of battle. Both roosters appeared tired after an intense battle that lasted several rounds. After Sultada’s devastating hit rendered Inilog unconscious in the final round, the referee ruled Sultada the victor. This sent shockwaves through the sabong community and ended Inilog’s two-year unbeaten streak.

Community Reactions

Following Inilog’s defeat, the cockfighting world reacted with a whirlwind of emotions. Inilog’s followers were shocked and saddened by the loss of their cherished hero. Owner Pedro Dominguez of Inilog was devastated to learn that his beloved rooster had died, and fans all around the world shared their shock and sympathies on social media and other platforms.

In contrast, Sultada’s victory was hailed as a victory of the spirit of the underdog. Owner Victor Reyes, who was overcome with happiness, saw his cockfighting rooster praised as a hero by people who enjoyed the excitement and unpredictability of the sport.

Debates and Controversies
Rooster Preparation and Training

Following Inilog’s upset, discussions about rooster preparation and training have emerged. While some feel that Inilog’s unbeaten record may have given him an excessive amount of confidence, others think that Sultada’s distinct training approach and tactics were a major factor in the upset.

Now, cockswain’s and trainers’ approaches are being reassessed in an effort to improve the performance of their birds and prevent complacency. The Inilog controversy is a sobering reminder that nobody can afford to rest on their laurels in the cockfighting world—even the most dominating roosters can fall prey to others.

Judging and Fairness

The fairness and judgment of cockfighting contests has also been a subject of debate. Concerns have been raised by certain fans and enthusiasts regarding the judges’ objectivity during the Inilog vs. Sultada contest. This discussion emphasizes how crucial it is to keep the sport open and equitable.

It could be necessary for regulating bodies and cockfighting organizations to review their protocols and make sure judges continue to render unbiased verdicts. Clear rules and close inspection are necessary in cockfighting contests to maintain the sport’s integrity, as the Inilog dispute has shown.

The Future of Cockfighting

The cockfighting industry will never be the same after the Inilog incident. It serves as a sobering reminder that nothing is unachievable in this age-old sport and that any rooster can lose. The fact that Inilog was defeated is evidence of the tenacity and unpredictable nature that make cockfighting such an exciting and cherished custom.

There is a feeling of expectation for what lies ahead as the cockfighting world struggles to deal with the fallout from this startling upset. The next derby is eagerly anticipated by fans who are looking forward to more thrilling games, unpredictable results, and the emergence of fresh champions.


The Inilog scandal has sparked a flurry of conversations and arguments in the cockfighting community, bringing attention to the emotion and intensity that surround this age-old sport. The cockfighting fraternity was shocked by Inilog’s surprising setback during the Sabong Derby, as they had thought him to be untouchable.

The community is realizing that cockfighting is still a dynamic and unpredictable sport as they consider this unexpected turn of events. In the world of cockfighting, the controversy surrounding Inilog’s fall from grace has emphasized the value of humility and ongoing development. It also highlights how crucial it is to judge cases fairly and transparently in order to maintain the sport’s integrity.

In the end, the Inilog issue has irrevocably changed the cockfighting world by serving as a constant reminder that there is never absolute certainty when it comes to flying. Followers and aficionados excitedly anticipate the next installment in this venerable event, where every derby offers fresh surprises, feelings, and life-changing experiences. Cockfighting is still a sport today because of the excitement and unpredictability that make it what it is.