In Defense of Tradition: Understanding the Perspective of Sabong Enthusiasts on Rooster Performance Enhancers

The world of Sabong, or cockfighting, is not without controversy, particularly when it comes to the use of performance enhancers in gamecocks. Yet, for many enthusiasts, these substances are seen as essential tools for optimizing rooster performance and preserving the integrity of the sport. Join us as we delve into the complex perspectives of Sabong enthusiasts on this contentious issue.

Sabong holds a special place in the hearts of many Filipinos, deeply ingrained in the cultural fabric of the Philippines. For centuries, enthusiasts have celebrated the beauty, skill, and spirit of the gamecock in the arena. However, as modern advancements offer new ways to enhance rooster performance, questions arise about the ethical implications of using performance enhancers. To gain insight into this debate, it’s essential to understand the perspectives of Sabong enthusiasts who defend the practice.

Preserving Tradition: For proponents of performance enhancers, the use of these substances is viewed as a time-honored tradition aimed at preserving the competitiveness and integrity of Sabong. In a sport where every advantage counts, breeders and trainers argue that performance enhancers level the playing field and ensure that gamecocks are able to perform at their peak in the cockpit. From herbal remedies to nutritional supplements, these substances are seen as essential tools for maximizing rooster performance and maintaining the sport’s competitive edge.

Ensuring Welfare and Health: Contrary to popular belief, many Sabong enthusiasts assert that performance enhancers are not used indiscriminately or without consideration for the welfare of the gamecocks. Breeders and trainers take great care to administer these substances responsibly, following strict protocols and dosages to minimize the risk of harm to the birds. In their view, performance enhancers are a means of promoting the health and longevity of gamecocks, allowing them to compete safely and effectively in the cockpit.


Balancing Tradition and Ethics: While proponents of performance enhancers defend their use as integral to the tradition of Sabong, others argue that ethical considerations must also be taken into account. As the sport evolves in the modern era, there is growing scrutiny and debate surrounding the use of substances that may alter rooster physiology and behavior. Finding a balance between tradition and ethics is essential for ensuring the sustainability and legitimacy of Sabong in the eyes of both enthusiasts and the broader public.

Promoting Transparency and Regulation: To address concerns about the ethical use of performance enhancers, some Sabong enthusiasts advocate for greater transparency and regulation within the sport. They argue that by establishing clear guidelines and oversight mechanisms, breeders and trainers can uphold ethical standards while still harnessing the benefits of these substances. From mandatory drug testing to educational initiatives, there are various approaches that can promote responsible use and accountability within the Sabong community.


As the debate over the use of performance enhancers in Sabong continues to unfold, it’s clear that there are diverse perspectives within the community. While some defend these substances as essential tools for preserving tradition and promoting rooster welfare, others emphasize the need for ethical considerations and regulatory measures. Ultimately, finding common ground between these perspectives is essential for ensuring the continued viability and legitimacy of Sabong as a cherished cultural tradition in the Philippines.