Famous Pang-labas Rooster Sells for Record-Breaking Price at Auction

A famous Pang-labas rooster went up for an incredible amount at auction, creating a new standard for avian auctions, marking a momentous occasion in the world of sabong. Come along as we reveal the incredible story of this sale that broke records and the passion it inspired among breeders and enthusiasts.

The fascination with sabong, which is ingrained in Filipino culture, took a dramatic turn when a single Pang-labas rooster attracted interest from breeders and aficionados across the globe by fetching an unprecedented amount at auction. The sabong community was rocked by this incredible sale, which signaled the beginning of a new chapter in the appraisal of these avian fighters.

An extraordinary moment occurred at the highly anticipated auction, filled with excitement and anticipation, as a well-known Pang-labas rooster took center stage and captivated both the audience and the buyers. The bidding war reached previously unheard-of heights and culminated in a historic sale that completely changed the market worth of these remarkable bird athletes.

The Rooster’s Remarkable Pedigree

The Pang-labas cock that brought such a high price had a flawless lineage. Its ancestors were champion fighters who were well-known for their strength, resilience, and skill in battle. The astounding price paid for this exceptional bird was surely influenaced by the repute and track record of its ancestors.

Fervor Among Enthusiasts and Breeders

In addition to highlighting the inherent worth of a top-notch Pang-labas rooster, the auction broke records and sparked intense debates among breeders and aficionados. It provoked discussions about the things like training, breeding, and amazing fighting prowess that went into making it so valuable.


In the world of sabong, the historic auction that saw the famed Pang-labas rooster sold for a record-breaking amount is considered a turning point. This historic sale not only demonstrated the intrinsic worth of these outstanding birds but also raised the bar, sparking debate and a resurgence of interest among sabong enthusiasts and breeders.

This rooster’s remarkable price reflects the breeders’ and trainers’ unwavering dedication and appreciation for the art of sabong, as well as the careful efforts they put forth to raise these exceptional avian athletes. This historic transaction ensures that Pang-labas roosters will always be revered and fascinating, maintaining their importance in Filipino culture and the sabong ritual.