Demystifying MERON and WALA: Decoding Key Terms in Online Sabong Betting

In the vibrant world of online sabong betting, two distinctive terms hold significant importance for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers: MERON and WALA. These terms are interwoven into the fabric of sabong culture and form a critical foundation for understanding and participating in the exhilarating world of cockfighting wagering. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the meanings, significance, and implications of MERON and WALA in online sabong betting.

“Unlock the secret language of sabong betting with a dive into the intriguing world of MERON and WALA – the pulse-pounding heartbeat of online cockfighting wagering.”

What is MERON in Online Sabong Betting?

The Meaning and Origin of MERON: MERON, a Filipino term meaning “there is” or “exists,” has become a defining concept in online sabong betting. Originating from the Filipino tradition of verbal betting during live cockfights, MERON represents a wager placed on the expected winning cock in a given match.

How MERON Bets Work: When a bettor selects MERON, they are essentially wagering that a particular cock will emerge as the winner of the match. If the chosen cock wins, the bettor is entitled to a payout based on the odds associated with that outcome.

Calculating MERON Payouts: The potential payout for a successful MERON bet is calculated by multiplying the amount wagered by the corresponding odds. For instance, if a bettor places $100 on MERON with odds of 1.5, a successful bet would yield a total payout of $150 ($100 wager + $50 profit).

Understanding WALA in Online Sabong Betting

H3: Deciphering the Essence of WALA: WALA, the counterpart of MERON, translates to “none” or “absent” in Filipino. This term represents a bet placed on the cock that is anticipated to lose the match.

WALA Bets at a Glance: Opting for WALA means predicting that the selected cock will not emerge as the victor in the cockfight. If the chosen cock indeed loses, the bettor’s payout is determined by the corresponding odds.

Calculating WALA Payouts: Similar to MERON bets, calculating potential WALA payouts involves multiplying the initial wager by the provided odds. For example, a $150 bet on WALA with odds of 2.0 would yield a total payout of $300 ($150 wager + $150 profit) in the event of a successful bet.


MERON and WALA stand as pillars of understanding in the dynamic realm of online sabong betting. These terms encapsulate the essence of wagering on the outcome of cockfighting matches, showcasing the strategic prowess and anticipation that underlie each bettor’s decisions. As you navigate the exhilarating world of sabong betting, a solid grasp of MERON and WALA empowers you to make informed choices, elevate your betting experience, and fully immerse yourself in the riveting drama of online cockfighting.